COVID-19 at Eaton Family Health Care ~ We are open!

We are thankful to our team and patients for their help and support during this time.  Here is a brief snapshot of important information for your appointment.  Upon booking, please watch your emails for specific information or questions.  


* please complete the covid survey as soon as you receive it and make sure that your JaneApp profile is up to date and all forms are filled out in full prior to arriving to your appointment


* do not arrive more then 5 minutes prior to your appointment to help us prevent traffic jams in the wait area, walk on in, and if the door is locked, please knock and we will be with your shortly

* upon arrival, we will take your temperature, ask you screening questions and have you sanitize your hands


* please wear a clean mask to your appointment AND throughout your entire time at our office

*** if you can not wear a mask 100% of the time during your treatment, please cancel your appointment to avoid cancellation fees and contact us so we can help find safe options for your treatment goals ***

Questions? Please email us and we would be happy to help.